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  • Aluminum Core Composite Panel Brushed Series

    Aluminum Core Composite Panel brushed series,it 100% made of aluminum, it can be recycling.It is an environmental building material.Aluminum Core Composite Panel glossy series have the light weight with 4.5kg/m2,light weight can reduce the weight of the building.we can provided silver brushed,golden brushed,purple brushed,red brushed,stainless, brushed gray brushed and etc color for you to choose.Colorful made your life happiness.Aluminum Core Composite Panel brushed series are widely use in Building exterior curtain walls,Decoration and renovation additions for old buildings,Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies,Shop door decorations,Advertisement board display platforms and signboards,Wall boards and ceilings for tunnels,Industrial materials, materials for vehicles and boats and etc.

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  • Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Brushed Series

    Aluminium honeycomb panel have some superior feature in corrosion resistance.Aluminium honeycomb panel is easy to process for its light weight.Core material honeycomb and two surface layers are made of aluminium, which is difficult to be burnt. Therefore, Aluminium honeycomb panel is a kind of safe fireproofing material.Aluminium honeycomb panel never loses its colorful appearance.

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