• Aluminum Composite Panel Embossed Wooden Series

    Goodsense have 15 professional production line in workshop, more than 500 employees in factory, that makes GOODSENSE to be a professional manufacturer of Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Core Composite Panel, CEP Board, ACP Mosaic Tiles, Aluminum Honeycomb Board, Acrylic, Solid Aluminum.With an annual production capacity of 15 million square meters ACP, 5 million square meters of ACCP, 5 million square meters of CEP Board and 60 thousand square meters of ACP Mosaic Tiles and so on. The embossed wooden is the most special color of Goodsense. Not like normal aluminum, in this type of the ACP sheet, the surface not only have the wooden color, but also have the wooden texture. The special process for this kind of the color, makes the color much more like the real one. Not only by looking, when you touch it, you will feel the aluminum composite panel is not aluminum surface, it is wooden surface!

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  • Aluminum Composite Panel Mirror Series

    Goodsense covers an area of 140 thousand square meters. The large area makes Goodsense have a perfect warehouse. All the finished aluminum composite panel will be packaged well in the warehouse. The good environmental of the warehouse keep the stock Aluminum composite material away from those bad effect like sunshine, rain, ash, etc. Mirror series ACP sheets is a special type. It is like a real mirror, you can see yourself clearly in the ACM. It is only for interior use. The mirror process makes the aluminum surface not good to use in exterior. Sunshine, rain, these environmental problem make damage the color and make it changing.

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  • Aluminum Composite Panel Pearl Series

    Goodsense is one of the biggest and most professional aluminum composite panel manufacturer in China. We have professional quality control team. All the ACP sheet produced by Goodsense have passed a professional quality test. To make sure all the aluminum wall cladding panels are acceptable produce before sending to the customer. Aluminum composite panel pearl series is one kind of the GOODSENSE color. The ACM surface color usually base on the solid color. And in the solid color, Goodsense have add some shiny material inside to make the ACP color looks like a pearl. The Pear series alucobond is very good for interior and exterior decoration

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  • Aluminum Composite Panel Glossy Series

    Guangzhou Goodsense Decorative Building Materials Co.,Ltd. is one of the biggest decorative building materials enterprises in China. It is specialized in producing decorative building materials such as Aluminum Composite Panel, A2 FR Aluminum Core Composite Panel, CEP Board, ACP Mosaic Tiles, Aluminum Honeycomb Board, Acrylic, Solid Aluminum Sheet etc. The high gloss series composite cladding panel is the glossy version of the normal series. Different with the normal series aluminum composite material, this series composite wall panels' glossiness is over 60 degree. The high gloss surface make the acp sheet much more beautiful and aluminum composite cladding is still good for outside and inside use.

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  • Aluminum Composite Panel Marble&wood Series

    The Aluminum Composite Panel is originated from Germany. ACP was brought into China in the late 1980s. It prevails and now becomes one of the most popular decorative materials. ACM panel incorporates modified polyethylene plastic core layer in the middle that is nontoxic, enclosed with nonflammable aluminum layers on both faces, and coated with fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) or PE coating on its surface, featuring high brightness, flatness, elegant surface coating, strong intention, lightweight, superexcellent forming performance, durable, simple, quick processing & installation and outstanding fireproof performance. For protection, a protective film is used to cover the surface of finished product. The wooden and marble series Aluminum composite material, as the name of it, this type of the ACP sheet's surface color is just like a real wood and marble. When the wooden and marble aluminum composite sheets have installed, it just like using a real wood or marble. But the installation is much more easier than the wood and marble.

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  • Solid Aluminum Sheet Brushed Series

    GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet brushed color process is divided into three parts: deester, sand mill and water washing.Special skin film technology after anodizing can make the surface of the aluminum coil form a skin film containing the metal component, which can clearly show every tiny wire mark, thus making the metal matte to spread a fine hair luster. The product combines elements of fashion and technology.

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    Solid Aluminum Sheet Pearl Series

    The production of GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet is divided into two steps: the first step is aluminum sheet processing. This process is mainly through cutting, folding, arc bending, welding, grinding and other processes to process into the shape and size required for construction. The second step is spraying. Spraying is to spray paint on the processed aluminium sheet.The Pearl series looks like star sparkle from long distance.

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  • Solid Aluminum Sheet Mirror Series

    GOODSENSE aluminum sheet mirror series is just like glass mirror which can be see the reflection before it vividly while it is not easily broken and no harmful even broken.It is normally used for internal decoration. GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet is not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain. The non adhesion of fluorocarbon coating film makes it difficult to attach pollutants on the surface, which makes it more clean.

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  • Solid Aluminum Sheet Normal Series

    The PVDF Coated Solid Aluminum Panel is now the most acid resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-yellowing resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance of the best high-end environmental decoration materials, the coating is good texture, uniformed color, lasting for years and its quality has reached the international advanced level of similar products, can replace imported products, especially suitable for large-scale outdoor, roof, curtain wall, solar equipment, and other high-eng decoration projects. With an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and natural corrosion resistance, GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet is popular for a broad range of applications. Solid aluminum sheet is suitable for decoration of interior and exterior walls, lobby facade, column decoration, elevated corridor, pedestrian overpass, advertising signs, indoor irregular ceiling, etc.GOODSENSE Normal Series is the pure color with matte finish,low glossy.

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