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  • CEP Board Embossed Wooden Series

    Embossed Wooden Series belongs to PVC film and the thickness of PVC film is about 0.10-0.15MM. After the construction energy-saving saving composite panel was finished producing, the PVC film was coated on the surface of it. The embossed wooden series has three-dimensional grain, but solid wooden series are more scratch-resistant than embossed wooden.

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  • CEP Board PET Series

    PET Series belongs to PET film, the thickness of PET film is about 0.07-0.08MM. The producing technology of PET film energy-saving composite panel is same as embossed wooden color of CEP board. The pearl series of PET film looks the same as the pearl color of aluminum coil, but it is price is cheaper than pearl color of aluminum coil. Goodsense can provide you with excellent service and product quality assurance. You can't go wrong if you choose us.

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    CEP Board Anti-scratch Series

    Scratch-resistant color feels frosted, looks like the surface has a lot of small particles raised, with a blunt object to scratch on the surface will not leave any traces. Any color can do anti-scratch series, except Brushed color. The Goodsense CEP Board mainly used for advertisement board, signage board, kitchen cabinet, doors and windows, office partition, furniture, fan blade and so on.

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