fire retardant panel

  • Solid Aluminum Sheet Embossed Wooden Series

    Embossed wooden series of GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet means the PVC film on the surface of solid aluminum sheet.It is not flat surface and give you vivid touch feeling.This solid aluminum sheet series just can be used internal.The installation of GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet is convenient and fast. It is formed in the factory and fixed on the skeleton without cutting at the construction site.So it will save labor cost especially when your country has high salary.

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  • Aluminum Core Composite Panel Anti-scratch Series

    Aluminum Core Composite Panel Anti-scratch series it coating with special painting on the surface,it can protect the surface away from scratch. We can also provided gray, black ,silver,golden and etc.Aluminum Core Composite Panel Anti-scratch series have the light weight with 4.5kg/m2,light weight can reduce the weight of the building.It is widely use on Decoration and renovation additions for old buildings,Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies,Shop door decorations,Advertisement board display platforms and signboards,Wall boards and ceilings for tunnels,Industrial materials, materials for vehicles and boats and etc.

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  • CEP Board Marble&Wood Series

    The stone pattern is the same as the real marble pattern. Wood color is divided into solid wooden color and plane wooden color, the surface of solid wooden color has uneven grain, like a real tree. The plane wooden color surface is flat. This is the reason why plane wooden color is cheaper than solid wooden color.

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  • Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Marble&wood Series

    Aluminium honeycomb panel is a kind of safe fireproofing material,marble&wood colors of is very popular in the market,goodsense have more than hundred colors of Aluminium honeycomb panel. And Aluminium honeycomb panel also can be made into various colors and design.We have five production lines of Aluminium honeycomb panel with annual production capacity of 12 millions per year.

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  • Solid Aluminum Sheet Glossy Series

    As one of the third main materials for curtain wall,Solid Aluminum Panel wins the favors of many customers and designer with its good processing performance,installation and abundant colors selection.Combining with glasses and stone to enhance each other and perfect the curtain wall to form a sublime sight of elegance and resplendence of the modern metropolis. GOODSENSE Solid aluminum sheet can be used for building exterior wall, beam column, balcony, canopy airport, station, hospital ,conference hall, opera house,sports stadium,reception hall and other high-rise buildings.The GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet with high glossy colors has high requirements on the flatness of the board and will reflect light.The color choice just like Normal series but higher glossy.

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  • Solid Aluminum Sheet Marble&wood Series

    GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet Marble&wood Series is just look the same as real marble and vivid wood grain,but GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet is light weight not easy to broken,water proof and non- combustible than the real marble and wood. GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet is also environment friendly,because they are pure aluminum and can be 100% recycled.

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  • Hot

    Solid Aluminum Sheet Pearl Series

    The production of GOODSENSE solid aluminum sheet is divided into two steps: the first step is aluminum sheet processing. This process is mainly through cutting, folding, arc bending, welding, grinding and other processes to process into the shape and size required for construction. The second step is spraying. Spraying is to spray paint on the processed aluminium sheet.The Pearl series looks like star sparkle from long distance.

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