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    Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Embossed Wooden Series

    Aluminium honeycomb panel is easy to process for its light weight. The processing of Aluminium honeycomb panel such as cutting, grooving can be done by some simple tools. Designers of Aluminium honeycomb panel can also make the flexibility in the panel. The installation work is going to be easy and fast.Aluminium honeycomb panel is cross linking under high temperature with high-performance and molecular binding materials,which reaches the best level for the important feature high peeling strength. Aluminium honeycomb panel also can be made into various colors and design.Mirror series is one of the most popular Aluminium honeycomb panel in the market.The Core material of honeycomb panel and two surface layers are made of aluminium, so Aluminium honeycomb panel is difficult to be burnt.Therefore, Aluminium honeycomb panel is a kind of safe fireproofing material, up to A grade FR standard, first choice for flame-retardant decorative building materials.

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