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  • Aluminum Composite Panel Embossed Wooden Series

    Goodsense have 15 professional production line in workshop, more than 500 employees in factory, that makes GOODSENSE to be a professional manufacturer of Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Core Composite Panel, CEP Board, ACP Mosaic Tiles, Aluminum Honeycomb Board, Acrylic, Solid Aluminum.With an annual production capacity of 15 million square meters ACP, 5 million square meters of ACCP, 5 million square meters of CEP Board and 60 thousand square meters of ACP Mosaic Tiles and so on. The embossed wooden is the most special color of Goodsense. Not like normal aluminum, in this type of the ACP sheet, the surface not only have the wooden color, but also have the wooden texture. The special process for this kind of the color, makes the color much more like the real one. Not only by looking, when you touch it, you will feel the aluminum composite panel is not aluminum surface, it is wooden surface!

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  • Aluminum Composite Panel Mirror Series

    Goodsense covers an area of 140 thousand square meters. The large area makes Goodsense have a perfect warehouse. All the finished aluminum composite panel will be packaged well in the warehouse. The good environmental of the warehouse keep the stock Aluminum composite material away from those bad effect like sunshine, rain, ash, etc. Mirror series ACP sheets is a special type. It is like a real mirror, you can see yourself clearly in the ACM. It is only for interior use. The mirror process makes the aluminum surface not good to use in exterior. Sunshine, rain, these environmental problem make damage the color and make it changing.

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  • Aluminum Composite Panel Brushed Series

    The aluminum composite panel produced by Goodsense tested by SGS, with every performance indicators fully meet the national standards. The 15 million square meters of ACP annual production capacity makes Goodsense one of the most professional ACM manufacturer in China. The brushed series acm composite panel is one of the most popular series. The Goodsense Brushed series ACP is good for exterior wall cladding. The PVDF coating makes the aluminum sandwich panel can hold one for more than 15 years and no color fading happen. And this type of the ACP color is also good for interior use. Like wall decoration, cabinet, closet. .etc

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  • Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Normal Series

    GOODSENSE aluminum honeycomb panel is a high-tech environmentally friendly decorative material that uses the current international advanced aviation technology combined with advanced fully automated production equipment to closely bond the aluminum plate and the aluminum honeycomb core. It is mainly used in building exterior wall decoration (Especially suitable for high-rise buildings) Inner wall ceilings, wall partitions, doors and insulated cars, billboards, etc., are actually the materials of choice for modern decoration. Goodsense aluminum honeycomb panel have many solid colors,like white aluminum honeycomb panel,black aluminum honeycomb panel,yellow aluminum honeycomb panel,red aluminum honeycomb panel,blue aluminum honeycomb panel etc. PVDF coating aluminum honeycomb panel for outside use we have 20years warranty。PE coating aluminum honeycomb panel for inside use we have 10years warranty。

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    Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Anti-scratch Series

    Aluminium honeycomb panel is a new kind of decorative building material. I think Aluminium honeycomb panel is new for most of you. Aluminium honeycomb panel is made of fully aluminum.The middle core material of Aluminium honeycomb panel is modified by low molecular weight and fire proof material.It is because Aluminium honeycomb panel has the function of heat insulation, reducing heat mission. Because of PPG PVDF coating , Aluminium honeycomb panel have some superior feature in corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, chalking resistance. When exposed to the heat of tropical sunshine or the cold area, the panel never loses its colorful appearance.

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