CEP Board Anti-scratch Series

  • CEP Board Anti-scratch Series
  • CEP Board Anti-scratch Series
  • CEP Board Anti-scratch Series
CEP Board Anti-scratch Series
  • 15-20 DAYS
  • 5 million square meters annual

Scratch-resistant color feels frosted, looks like the surface has a lot of small particles raised, with a blunt object to scratch on the surface will not leave any traces. Any color can do anti-scratch series, except Brushed color. The Goodsense CEP Board mainly used for advertisement board, signage board, kitchen cabinet, doors and windows, office partition, furniture, fan blade and so on.

GOODSENSE CEP Board Specification

standard size: 1220 * 2440 * (4-20) mm

Weight calculation: Normal foam core weight 0.55g / cm3

                                  According to customer requirements, different density of foam                                      

                                  core material can be achieved (0.45-0.6 g / cm3)

GOODSENSE CEP board advantages

1. High strength performance

Use the latest microcellular foaming technology to make the CEP board form a stable structure, with super resistance to wind pressure.

2. Fire retardant

The CEP board has non-combustible, carbonized and non-droplet properties.

3. Insulation performance

The combination of metal, non-metal and air improves the insulation performance of the board.

4. Insulation performance

Combined with optical and thermal principles, the thermal insulation function of the CEP board is improved.

5. Weather resistance and chemical resistance

Using nano-inert technology, UV protection, acid rain resistance, can extend the life of CEP board.

6. Lightweight and low density

The CEP board uses microcellular foaming technology to reduce the load bearing and construction costs of the building while enhancing its ability to resist wind pressure.

7. Low water absorption

The low water absorption rate of 1.4% ensures that the CEP board can be used in a high humidity environment.

8. Sound insulation performance

The 95% closed-cell technology of the CEP board isolates the transmission path of sound and is quieter.

9. Double-sided decoration performance

CEP double-sided patterns can be matched arbitrarily, making partitions and background walls gorgeous and infinite.

10. Simple construction

Use traditional processing tools and techniques to shorten construction time.



GOODSENSE CEP board is mainly used in advertising board, door, office partition, cabinet, sign board, etc.

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