Definition and Classification of Metal Composite Panel
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Definition and Classification of Metal Composite Panel

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What is Metal Composite Panel?

The Metal Composite Panel is usually composed of upper and lower layers of metal, and the middle layer is composed of fire-retardant and non-toxic core materials, without reducing the use effect (weather resistance, mechanical strength, flatness, etc.) to achieve the effect of low consumption, green and environmental protection.

The metal composite panel is known as the king of curtain wall and interior wall finishes in the industry. According to different base materials, core materials and covering layers, it can be divided into many different types. With the development and progress of the technology, its effect and performance are also continuously enhanced.

Common Metal Composite Panel including:

Aluminum Composite Panel, copper Composite Panel, stainless steel Composite Panel, pure titanium or titanium zinc Composite Panel, and so on.

1. Aluminum Composite Panel

The process is a composite material made of chemically treated coated aluminum plate as the surface material, polyethylene plastic or inorganic mineral as the core material, and processed on the special aluminum composite plate production equipment. It has a wide range of uses, including building exterior walls, old building renovation, indoor walls and ceilings, and even advertising signs.


1) Light material, easy processing and convenient installation: the weight of aluminum composite panel is only about 3.5-7.5 kg per square meter, which can realize various shapes, simple installation and reduce the construction cost;

2) Fire protection and impact resistance: the middle of the ACP is a fire-retardant and non-toxic core material, and the two sides are extremely difficult to burn aluminum layers. The product can achieve A2 and B1 fire protection, and the material has high toughness, bending does not damage the finish paint, and strong impact resistance;

3) Strong weather resistance: no fading for up to 20 years.

2. Copper Composite Panel

Copper Composite Panel adopts copper, aluminum or copper plastic aluminum composite, with flat surface, easy processing and forming, and saves a lot of precious copper materials than single copper plate.

Features: bacteriostatic, high strength, light weight, flat board surface, multi-color and multi texture effect can be achieved on the surface through special technology.

3. Stainless Steel Composite Panel

Stainless steel composite panel is formed by thermal compounding with stainless steel as the surface and bottom plate and flame-retardant or non-combustible inorganic material as the core material. It can be applied to high-grade building curtain wall and indoor and outdoor decoration.


1) Bacteriostatic, high strength, light weight, flat surface;

2) Bright, hard, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant;

3) Excellent mechanical properties and durability.

4. Pure titanium or titanium zinc composite plate

4. Titanium Zinc Composite Panel

Pure titanium or titanium zinc composite plate is formed by thermal compounding with titanium zinc alloy as the panel, aluminum or stainless steel as the back plate, and flame retardant or non-combustible inorganic materials as the core material. It can be applied to curtain wall, roof and indoor and outdoor decoration of high-grade buildings.

Features: high strength, light weight, good flatness, strong texture, self-healing function on the surface, long service life.

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